Ahead of International Day of Disability, Australia Post is celebrating 10 years of innovative and inclusive action to build and foster a workplace that welcomes people with a disability and sets the standard for employers around the nation.

With a mission to foster a workforce that is truly reflective of the community it serves, 10 years ago Australia Post launched its first Accessibility and Inclusion Plan to create accessible pathways for employment of people with a disability.

That Plan, and the Plans in place since then, have transformed the organisation, which has one of the country’s most diverse workforces and is also the largest Australian employer to have successfully completed the Disability Confident Recruiter Program run by the Australian Network on Disability, which ensures a barrier free recruitment process for candidates with disability.

Australia Post Executive General Manager, People & Culture, Susan Davies, highlighted the importance of ensuring that every employee feels safe, respected and included.

“Across our business 5.6 per cent of our team have disability and the average tenure of these team members is 16 years which really is testament to Australia Post having created a work environment that meets their individual needs. Sometimes it can be as simple as providing flexible work hours or even just different technology so that an employee with disability can effectively complete their job. For Australia Post it’s about the company adjusting to an employee’s needs, rather than the other way around.”

This year Australia Post also launched its Workplace Adjustment Passport, a tool that supports team members with disability by allowing them to capture and share their details and adjustment requirements in their own words – so they don’t have to explain their circumstances every time they change roles or managers within the organisation .

Anthony Moufarrege, Inclusion Coordinator at Australia Post lives with mild Dystonia and mild Cerebral Palsy and plays a key role in supporting Australia Post to create an inclusive workplace.

“Living with disability provides various challenges but it’s great to be at a company that fosters inclusivity and accessibility for everyone in its workforce. I love that my role here enables me to help my colleagues with disability by providing them with the adjustments they need in the workplace and making sure they feel respected and included at work.”

Corene Strauss, CEO, The Australian Network on Disability (AND) congratulated Australia Post on 10 years of its Accessibility and Inclusion Plans.

“All significant change needs a plan to succeed and becoming an accessible workplace is no exception. Australia Post’s Accessibility and Inclusion Plans recognises the important role organisations have in building an inclusive environment for employees, consumers and the diverse community they serve.

“It should not be overlooked that there have been many achievements to date including, creating a Workplace Adjustment Policy, Procedure and Passport; achievement of the Disability Confident Recruiter status; and participation in AND’s Stepping Into Program (SIP). As a partner on this journey since 2004, The Australian Network on Disability looks forward to continuing to work with Australia Post to create a more equitable and inclusive Australia.”

Outside of supporting its employees Australia Post is proud to be leading the way in ensuring its marketing is accessible for people with disability by both showing representation within its advertising campaigns and offering things like audio transcribed TV commercials as well as large print and braille Santa Mail options.

Australia Post has one of the country’s most diverse workforces, with 134 nationalities represented, 3 per cent are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and 5.6 per cent have disability.

Source: Australia Post