In December and at the beginning of the new year, Omniva will open eight post offices of the future, where customers will have everything they need in terms of e-commerce and postal services. In addition, the office offers a more versatile, environmentally friendly, and customer-oriented service. The first post office of the future will be opened in Tallinna Kaubamaja today.

‘The postal and parcel business is rapidly changing. Regardless of the strong preference for using parcel machines, there are still postal services that people want to be provided at the post office. Modern and smart possibilities have been created for our customers in the renewed post offices, from a wide selection of products to versatile services,’ said Mart Mägi, Chairman of the Management Board of Omniva.
The new post offices are more environmentally friendly than before. Environmentally friendly packages and packaging solutions are available for sale. ‘We came up with a “take it or leave it” approach, which allows you to leave the packages in the office so that the next customer can use them for their shipment,’ added Mägi.
Omniva is a company with a high level of social responsibility. ‘We wish to be where people need us and we want our post offices to be easily accessible,’ said Mägi and emphasised that the post offices of the future will also be accessible to people with special needs. ‘Our post offices will be located, for example, in regional centres, where a visit can be combined with everyday affairs, saving both time and effort,’ added Mart Mägi.
The post offices of Omniva are located all over Estonia, meaning that the services of the company are conveniently available to every Estonian, making life easier for both people and companies. ‘The post offices of the future are prepared to offer various state and local government services in addition to postal services. We have already taken the first step in this direction and offer, for example, the opportunity to join the universal electricity service,’ said Mägi.
The post offices of Omniva now also have a gift shop, where customers can buy books and souvenirs. The selection also includes traditional postage stamps, postcards, and other postal products. There will be a packaging table in the centre of the post office, where people can pack their Christmas presents and hand them over to us for delivery.
The new post office opening today in the gallery of Tallinna Kaubamaja welcomes customers to check out the expanded range of products and send their Christmas presents with us. The Kristiine, Järve, and Arsenal post offices in Tallinn and the post office in Keila will also be renovated in December. The post offices in Tartu, Kuressaare, and Rakvere will be renovated at the beginning of next year. Within three years, all post offices of Omniva across Estonia will be renewed.
The solution for the post offices of the future was developed by Urmas Pastarus in cooperation with renowned interior architects Raul Tiitus and Birgit Palk from the architecture firm PINK.
Omniva has more than 1,000 parcel machines in the Baltic countries, 319 of them in Estonia, but this number will increase in the near future. In addition, there are more than 175 post offices and postal stations across Estonia.

Source: Omniva