Two trucks departed for Turkey in the early afternoon of Friday 3 March. These are the first consignments of donations bpost has collected as part of the humanitarian response in aid of the victims of the severe earthquakes in the country. Upon arrival, the supplies will be handed over to Turkish postal operator Ptt As.

Severe earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have caused devastation. There is a tangible fear that there may be more to come. Many have lost everything, including loved ones. They endeavour to survive in the toughest of conditions. bpost immediately launched an initiative to help the victims on 21 February by asking the Belgian population to donate essential goods in the Post Offices.  

That elicited an overwhelming response from the people of Belgium, who dropped off donations at Post Offices throughout the country in an outpouring of generosity. Colruyt also donated non-perishable food as well as personal care and hygiene products. Two fully loaded trucks have now left Belgium for Turkey with the first consignments of donations.  

Source: bpost