Swiss Post will celebrate its 175th anniversary on 1 January 2024. To mark this exciting event, Swiss Post is modernizing its logo. The new logo is significantly simpler. It consists of a stylized red Swiss cross next to an eye-catching black “P” on a Swiss Post yellow background. In future, Swiss Post will use just one logo throughout Switzerland. As a result, the logo will be a unifying element across the different language regions. The logo symbolizes Swiss Post’s commitment to both tradition and innovation. It is the expression of an evolving, future-oriented Swiss Post.

Swiss Post is an institution within Switzerland – and that includes the famous logo featuring the trademarked Swiss Post yellow colouring. Swiss Post’s branding is the most fundamental symbol of its brand recognition. It is an indispensable aspect of people’s everyday lives and part of Switzerland’s image. The Swiss Post logo is emblazoned on all the company’s vehicles, uniforms, correspondence media and contact points – in both the physical and the digital worlds. Swiss Post is now modernizing its image, right on time for its 175th anniversary.

The modernized logo unifies Switzerland’s language regions
The modernized logo builds on the most distinctive logos in Swiss Post’s 175-year history: it consists of a stylized Swiss cross in red and a bold black “P” on a yellow background. Swiss Post yellow is still the dominant colour element of both the logo and the entire Swiss Post brand, ensuring immediate recognition and identification. However, the new logo is significantly simpler: the long text “Die Post”, “La Poste”, ”La Posta”, “Swiss Post”, which varied depending on the language, has been replaced in all languages by a black “P”. “In future, Swiss Post will use just one logo. This logo will be a unifying element across the different language regions, as Swiss Post is in everyday life,” says Roberto Cirillo, CEO of Swiss Post.

Symbol of a future-oriented, 175-year-old Swiss Post
The new logo is designed to ensure that Swiss Post is also fit for the future on a visual level: as the central element of Swiss Post’s image, the logo will be fresher, more compact, easier to use and universally deployable on digital channels. It is also important to Roberto Cirillo that the new logo highlights Swiss Post’s blend of rich tradition and innovation: “The new brand image reflects a modern postal service powering a modern Switzerland, right on time for our 175th anniversary. The logo is also the expression of an evolving, future-oriented Swiss Post,” says Roberto Cirillo, CEO of Swiss Post.

Swiss Post will roll out the logo over several years
Swiss Post will not roll out the modernized logo overnight, but gradually over the next five years. This means that Swiss Post will initially replace the logo where it is possible to do so easily, in particularly visible locations or when the logo needs to be changed or installed anyway. This will naturally be faster on digital channels than in the physical world. As a result, both the old and new logos will be seen on vehicles and buildings over the coming years. In future, PostBus Ltd will also use the new logo, and the famous post horn will be added to its branding on a case-by-case basis. The PostFinance Ltd logo will be reviewed and developed during the course of the current strategy period.

The new design aims to simplify Swiss Post’s logo landscape significantly, which will lead to appreciable cost savings in the medium term. The 15 current logo variants will be replaced with just one. In particular, this will reduce costs when creating and maintaining communication media, websites, polywrapping for vehicle labelling and signage on buildings. In this way, the modernized logo will also constitute a medium- and long-term savings measure and support Swiss Post’s strategic efforts to use its funds as economically as possible.

Source: Swiss Post