La Poste successfully launched a €1.5 billion dual-tranche bond issuance: - a €650 million 7-year tranche (maturing in June-2030), carrying an annual fixed coupon of 3.750%, - an €850 million 12-year tranche (maturing in June-2035), carrying an annual fixed coupon of 4.000%.

Yesterday’s transaction, 2.1 times oversubscribed, was a great success with 135 investors participating both in France and internationally.

On the 7-year tranche, Germany/Austria accounted for 43% of allocations, France 28%, Belgium/the Netherlands/Luxembourg 11%, UK/Ireland 9%, Switzerland 4%, Southern
Europe 3% and other countries 2%. On the 12-year tranche, France accounted for 50% of allocations, Germany/Austria 26%, UK/Ireland 10%, Belgium/the Netherlands/Luxembourg 4%, Italy 3%, Middle East 2%,
Switzerland 2% and other countries 3%.

La Poste thereby diversified its investor base and further strengthened its position in the bond market. The proceeds raised through this operation will be used for General Corporate Purposes and will also enable La Poste to pursue its active external growth strategy.

Source: Le Groupe La Poste