bpost hosts ‘bsurprised – Open house’ at Stamps Production Belgium in Mechelen on Wednesday 5 July. It’s the ideal opportunity to explore the magical world of stamp printing.

Every Belgian stamp begins its journey at Stamps Production Belgium in Mechelen. And it really is quite a journey – from design to its final destination on an envelope or part of a collection. Four years after the last edition, Stamps Production Belgium opens its doors to the general public once again on Wednesday 5 July. Entry is free but visitors do need to register in advance. The registration platform is open until 28 June.

Intaglio, offset or digital? The open day gives visitors the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at Stamps Production Belgium. They take a walking tour of the facility at their own pace to learn all about different techniques used to print stamps and get up close to the various presses.

Alongside the tour, there is also a packed programme of activities, all linked in some way to stamps. Visitors will also be able to get their hands on some exclusive offers. Specially for collectors, the cancellation date will exceptionally be backdated up to six months. And various stamp designers will be in attendance to sign their stamp sheetlets, not least André Buzin and Marijke Meersman.

Stamps Production Belgium is on the public transport network, but regular bpost shuttles will also run from Mechelen train station. Because bpost champions sustainable transport – during ‘bsurprised – Open house’ and every other day of the year.

Source: bpost