Parcel lockers are the fastest growing pick-up option among the solutions currently offered by bpost. Exceptionally convenient, parcel lockers are also the most environmentally friendly choice. Parcel lockers situated along approach roads (like Lecot branches) are also popular among people who are on the road a lot and do not always find it easy to get to another bpost pick-up point. They can pick up their parcels from a parcel locker 24/7.

Lecot has set itself the ambitious goal of rolling out its service to its various customer groups (including craftspeople and professional builders) by 2025. To this end, Lecot has identified more flexible and more sustainable pick-up and return of online orders (from Lecot and other parties) as a major driver of this strategy. Lecot has therefore decided to install bpost parcel lockers at seven of its branches. The branches were selected on the basis of various parameters, such as location and access, the density of the bpost network in the vicinity of these branches and, of course, the needs of customers.

“Lecot has expanded in recent years, and has become a national name and supplier for the building industry with 77 branches. We continue to enlarge and expand our services as part of our unrelenting focus on making life easier for our customers. The parcel lockers are an attractive plus point in addition to advice, repairs, Fleet, Connect and much more. This extra service in partnership with bpost is a perfect complement to our range and is fully in line with our desire to make our customers’ life easier in a sustainable way, during but also outside the opening times of our stores.” Pieter Morisse – CEO Lecot
“bpost is also constantly expanding its network. The presence of bpost at Lecot branches is a rational business decision. It is fully in line with bpost’s mission to motivate end customers to have their parcels delivered to a pick-up point, the most environmentally friendly option. That’s because a drop-off or pick-up at a parcel locker on foot, by bike or by car as part of an existing journey cuts related carbon emissions by up to 90%.” Nick Bond - Head of Partner Network at bpost.

Source: bpost