The below remarks are as prepared for delivery by Postmaster General and CEO Louis DeJoy during the open session meeting of the Postal Service Board of Governors on Aug. 8, 2023.

“Thank you, Mr. Chairman, and thank you to everyone for your attendance and interest in the United States Postal Service.
Our leadership team continues to push forward to implement the strategies defined in the Delivering for America Plan that will transform the Postal Service into a vibrant and self-sustaining organization, delivering postal services to the American people for many years to come.

As Josh will later show you, our service has been strong throughout the year with 98% of the nation’s population receiving their mail and packages in less than three days. We have maintained this service performance while engaging in numerous transformational initiatives across the organization and across the country.

Concerning these initiatives, during the third quarter we continued moving mail and package volume from expensive air transportation to our improving ground transportation network.
Today more than 95 % of First-Class Mail and more than 95% of First-Class packages are moved through our ground transportation system. This is a reduction by over 90% from just two years ago and puts us on course to reduce approximately 1 billion dollars from our annual air transportation cost.

In addition, we opened our first Regional Processing and Distribution Center in Richmond, Virginia and began the closing of many inefficient annexes and contract facilities around the nation.
All of this serves to reduce transportation and handling cost while providing timely and reliable service. Our improvement processes are enabling us to reduce approximately 30 million workhours from this year’s operations when compared to last.
Concurrently, our teams are planning significant transformation activities over the next 17 months.  During this time period, the Postal Service plans to open another 9 Regional Centers as well as renovate 27 local processing centers and 60 additional sorting and delivery centers. This will be done without closing any local Post Office Retail operations.

Source: USPS