Our customers’ needs are changing, we are delivering more parcels and fewer letters, so our delivery teams are changing how they go about their work to ensure we continue to deliver excellent service to customers, now and into the future.

What does this mean for you

You will continue to get the same great personal daily service. We are redesigning daily delivery routes for our postmen and postwomen to reflect changes in localities and changes in letter and parcel volumes, making them more effective.  In some places, your post may arrive at a slightly different time. 

Why is An Post making these changes?

In many areas, delivery routes have remained the same for many years while parcel and letter volumes are have changed considerably – more parcels and fewer letters, and new products and services introduced. The An Post team have used detailed local analysis to create newly designed routes that will continue the excellent customer service we deliver nationwide every day,  and ensure sustainable services for the future

What other changes are happening?

The new designs mean some postmen and postwomen may change delivery route, so you may see a new face delivering your post and parcels over the coming months. Please welcome them to your area and know that you will continue to receive the same great service as always. 

In just a few areas, the location for picking up missed deliveries (such as parcels or Registered letters) will change – see the list below.

Source: An Post