Customer requirements are changing: people, authorities and companies in Switzerland are communicating less and less by traditional letter mail. Swiss Post is constantly adapting to its customers’ requirements and developing additional solutions. With “ePost SmartSend”, it now offers small and medium-sized enterprises a service for sending invoices and bulk mail digitally or physically.

Swiss Post ensures that people in Switzerland can communicate securely. It has always done so on a physical level and is now doing so on digital channels as well. For example, it launched its digital letter box – the ePost App – in summer 2021. Private customers can receive, file and sort digital and physical mail, pay invoices and digitize their paper post directly in the app. Today, over 100,000 people already use the ePost App, which can be utilized to pay invoices with over 100 banks. At the same time, Swiss Post is expanding similar services for businesses: since September 2023, it has been offering businesses the ePost SmartSend communication platform, taking account of ongoing digitization.

“No one is too small to be digital”
Nicole Burth, Head of Communication Services and member of Swiss Post’s Executive Management, believes that Swiss Post is making the public service fit for the future by continuously digitizing its services: “The different types of communication have become more diverse. Many SMEs, for example, handle their customer communications in part physically and in part digitally. For many, physically mailing a letter is a huge undertaking, from designing it, to printing it, to posting it at the post office. Swiss Post can help with this by offering a hybrid solution in ePost SmartSend.” More specifically, ePost SmartSend enables companies to create and send letters, invoices or bulk mailings digitally via the online mailing solution. Swiss Post then takes over the entire process and delivers the documents digitally in the ePost App, via eBill or physically, as required. Previously, this service was available only to major customers. “We believe that no one is too small to be digital. We want to provide as many companies as possible with a simple and secure communication platform to help them on their digital journey,” says Nicole Burth.

Collaboration with KLARA Business Ltd
The ePost App and ePost SmartSend have been developed by KLARA Business Ltd, Swiss Post’s digitization specialist. For Renato Stalder, CEO of KLARA, the advantages of ePost SmartSend are clear: “With our solution, the sender knows which delivery channel their recipients prefer. Even outdated or incorrect address data is visible at a glance. ePost SmartSend saves customers time and money.” More than 25,000 SMEs currently use the services provided by KLARA. 

Source: Swiss Post