More than 50 postal workers are falling victim to dog-related incidents each week, prompting calls for dog owners to secure their pets and help keep Posties safe.

Australia Post has seen a spike in dog-related incidents, with an average of 7.5 recorded each day since July this year. With the busiest time of year approaching, Australia Post is making a plea for dog owners to take action to help protect their Postie. Despite ongoing public awareness campaigns from Australia Post, the frequency of dog related incidents has not decreased. Rod Maule, Australia Post General Manager Safety and Wellbeing, emphasised the simple steps dog owners can take to keep posties safe.

“Our team of Posties are working hard delivering to our customers in all parts of the nation, however we need the support of dog owners to keep their dog secure and our Posties safe.

“We see a lot of incidents occur at the front door as our Posties try to deliver packages, with dogs racing out from behind their owners. It takes just a second to secure your dog in another room, and it makes the world of difference to our team members.

“This is our busiest time of year, in fact in all metro capitals and some regional cities and towns we are now delivering up to seven days a week so it’s more important than ever to keep dogs secure. We know our customers are eager to get their deliveries however our team’s safety comes first, if it’s not safe for our Posties to approach a home, then they won’t be able to deliver.” Mr Maule concluded.

Source: Australia Post