Bulgarian Post launches a new international courier service in partnership with the International Postal Corporation IPC through the INTERCONNECT network.

By joining the "INTERCONNECT" global e-commerce parcel delivery network, Bulgarian Post customers will have the opportunity to send   parcels to 30 countries in Europe under extremely good market conditions.

Shipments can weigh up to 30 kg, and the delivery time is from 5 to 7 days, depending on the recipient country, and the insurance in the amount of up to 450 euros is included in the price. It is possible to choose the delivery method available in the country of destination - to the recipient's address, to an office or to a vending machine (if this option is available). Shipments will be able to be sent through all 2971 post offices or by requesting a courier from the sender's address. On the website of Bulgarian Post there is an option for their tracking by users in real time . E-shops can take advantage of the possibility of integration and a number of additional services such as prepaid returns with an easy mode and trade discounts.

Detailed information about the new service is available on the company's official website.

International Postal Corporation IPC 's INTERCONNECT network  operates as a single operational network to offer e-retailers and shoppers a reliable cross-border service, creating a highly competitive collaborative network for end-to-end parcel transfer and delivery. The partnership between IPC and Bulgarian Post   is designed to facilitate joint efforts in areas such as technological innovation, operational efficiency and the development of new services to meet the changing needs of customers worldwide.

With the new service, Bulgarian Post aims to offer affordable prices and quality service to all Bulgarian users who wish to enter the European market.

Source: Bulgaria Post