Swiss Post is opening up its branch network to extend the range of services for customers: a new partner, the payment service provider Western Union, will be present in Swiss Post’s self-operated branches from the end of April 2024. Partnerships like this one with global operator Western Union are helping Swiss Post transform its branches into regional service centers. At the same time, Western Union is significantly expanding its network in Switzerland.

Swiss Post and the payment service provider Western Union will collaborate from April 2024. Thomas Baur, Head of PostalNetwork and Member of Executive Management, sees this as another major step towards transforming Swiss Post branches into service centers. “Western Union will enable us to provide a service at our branches in future that is vital for many customers who transfer money to relatives abroad. This partnership will also strengthen our dense branch network throughout Switzerland”. The collaboration will allow Swiss Post to meet a requirement from customers as they are already frequently asking staff at Swiss Post branches for Western Union services.

Giovanni Angelini, President Europe & Africa at Western Union, is pleased to secure Swiss Post as a new partner in Switzerland: “I’m delighted that Western Union, one of the world’s biggest financial networks, and Swiss Post, one of Switzerland’s leading brands, are joining forces. This partnership will enable us to provide customers with even better service and to meet their specific needs. Today’s announcement shows that, at Western Union, we still see collaboration with top brands and our leadership role as essential to our success. We look forward to a strong, mutually beneficial partnership.” Western Union, an established international payment service provider, is an ideal addition for Swiss Post’s customers. In turn, Western Union customers will benefit from personal and professional service at Swiss Post branches.

International transfers with Western Union at Swiss Post
The partnership will get under way at the beginning of April in specially selected pilot Swiss Post branches. The two partners will gradually step up their collaboration so that, from the end of April 2024, customers will be able to use Western Union services at all Swiss Post branches.  Customers can transfer cash to over 200 countries and territories.

The ongoing opening of Swiss Post’s network shows that providing customers with a personal point of contact is still a requirement for many companies, even in the digital age. Besides Western Union, strategic partners, such as Assura, Axa, Groupe Mutuel, the Canton of Jura, Swisscaution and Sympany, also have a presence at Swiss Post branches. Collaboration with Western Union means another partner from the financial sector has now been added. It means that, in addition to PostFinance, Migros Bank, Bernerland Bank and Cornèr Bank, five partners from the world of finance are now present at Swiss Post branches.  Swiss Post aims to add more partners in future – whether companies or public authorities – to strengthen the branch network and transform Swiss Post branches into service centers.

Source: Swiss Post