Posti plans to reform the corporate delivery services of its eCommerce and Delivery Services business group. Our customers expect continuously improving services and excellent cost-efficiency. We need to streamline and reorganize our operations to ensure a flexible and more efficient transportation network.

The weak economic cycle has for the time being contributed to a significant decline in the overall volume of shipments transported. A flexible production structure is essential if we are to operate efficiently.

"The general economic outlook and the downward trend in transportation volumes confirm the need for a comprehensive renewal of our transportation network. This will also require a review of current operating models and work tasks, and we will have to start change negotiations. We will do our best to support our personnel in this challenging change situation," says Ari Olli, responsible for corporate and delivery services in Posti’s eCommerce and Delivery Services business group.

The planned restructuring has no impact on our customers or our services: all shipments are and will continue to be delivered as agreed.

Impact of the planned changes

Today, April 18, Posti has invited employee representatives to change negotiations concerning employees working in the transportation and terminal operations in Posti Kuljetus Oy. The need for the change negotiations is based on reduced customer demand, not on other external factors such as, for example, the labor market situation.

It is estimated that the planned changes, if implemented, could lead to a reduction of up to 295 jobs. The change negotiations concern altogether 1,319 persons. Decisions on the possible impact on personnel will be taken once the negotiations have been completed. The planned changes will be implemented to minimize the number of redundancies. We will support our personnel by seeking for example possible voluntary solutions and providing training. In addition, financial support is available through Posti's own program.

Postal Services business and Transval's warehousing and in-house logistics services are not affected by the change negotiations. Posti employs around 15 000 people in Finland

Source: Posti