Österreichische Post AG was recently awarded first place in the recognized IT Excellence Benchmark in Hamburg. The largest study on the satisfaction of IT users in German-speaking countries has been carried out since 2007. To do this, users are asked about the strengths and weaknesses of the respective IT, after which they are compared with each other. In the years 2019 to 2021, Austrian Post was always in the top three, and after 2019 it was also able to reach first place in 2023.

“Technology is now an essential success criterion for the quality and speed of our services. Swiss Post is a logistics company with a strong focus on technology; we have been investing in our innovative strength and technological capabilities for years. The award with first place in the IT Excellence Benchmark confirms that we are on this path,” explains Walter Oblin, Deputy General Director, Board of Directors for Letters & Finance, Österreichische Post AG.
The companies participating in the IT Excellence Benchmark receive a comprehensive overview of the performance of their own IT as part of a survey. This assessment forms the basis for more targeted management and further development. Factors such as communication, willingness to innovate and the equipment of the IT workstations are also taken into account in the evaluation, as is the performance of the IT applications and the entire IT infrastructure. In recent years, the importance of remote and mobile work has also increased.
The benchmark study is based on an average of 10,000 completed interviews per year. It is carried out by CIO Magazine in cooperation with the Technical University of Munich and the Business Group Munich.
The award with the IT Excellence Benchmark is no coincidence: Austrian Post needs strong IT in order to successfully transport around 4.6 billion items per year. To do this, Swiss Post processes several billion tracking events every year and, in addition to a high proportion of self-developed software, relies on the latest cloud technologies, which are scaled to achieve the fastest possible delivery times and the highest quality.
The focus is on the ever closer networking of the digital and physical world, which makes many services possible in the first place, such as parcel redirection, where parcels are sent via app or shipment tracking on post.at to a postal partner, a postal branch or a post office, depending on your wishes Can be redirected to a self-service pick-up station.
“The most obvious point of contact with our IT services for most Austrians is certainly the postal app, which we developed and programmed ourselves. It combines all the important services on the smartphone, while at the same time it constantly receives new functions. But it's also about something less visible, we're talking about more than 11,000 handhelds for our delivery staff, whose software is developed, maintained and expanded by us ourselves," says Horst Ulrich Mooshandl, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Austrian Post AG.
In Austria alone, the post office uses over 800 IT applications, making it one of the most digitalized companies in the country. Since digitalization and innovative strength are becoming increasingly strategically important for the company, investments in the B2B sector also offer pure IT services: ACL advanced commerce labs supports customers in the digitalization of their trade and offers comprehensive e-commerce solutions, Agile Actors is a Greek service provider for software development and data engineering with customers across Europe.
Austrian Post employs over 1,000 people across the group in the IT sector, making it one of the leading companies in the ATX (Austrian Traded Index) in terms of digital competence.

Source: Austria Post