Postal and logistics group Posten Bring has celebrated hitting two key milestones in the roll out of its locker network in the Nordics, with 6,000 machines now available in Norway and a further 800 installed in Sweden, with more lockers due to be deployed soon.

In Norway, Posten has rolled out 6,000 self-service parcel lockers at 2,000 locations across the country. Today, its parcel lockers can be found from Lindesnes in the south to Longyearbyen in the north, making the group’s Norwegian parcel locker network the longest in Europe at 2,300km in distance.

Bring, meanwhile, has deployed 800 parcel boxes in Sweden, with 23 new locations on the cards thanks to a new agreement with real estate firm Wåhlin Fastigheter.

The Posten network

Posten deployed its first parcel locker in early 2020 in cooperation with locker manufacturer Swipbox. Since then, both the popularity and usage of the lockers have “exceeded all expectations,” said Thomas Støkken, Executive Vice President for e-commerce and logistics at Posten Bring.

Source: CEP-Research