Everyday life in Switzerland is becoming increasingly digital. To support its customers, Swiss Post is expanding its existing competencies and intends to acquire a majority stake in the Diartis Group. Based in Lenzburg, the Diartis Group provides a platform for exchanging sensitive information in the social sector. Swiss Post plans to acquire a 70 percent stake. The acquisition is scheduled for 1 July 2024.

For 175 years, Swiss Post has been making everyday life easier for people in Switzerland with its services. As everyday life becomes increasingly digital, Swiss Post is adapting: it is enabling people, companies and public authorities to handle digital data easily and securely and is further expanding its expertise. As of 1 July, it intends to acquire a 70 percent shareholding in the Diartis Group, comprising Diartis AG and Diartis Solutions AG. Swiss Post has signed a corresponding purchase agreement. The Diartis Group provides a platform for exchanging sensitive information in the social sector. The acquisition will strengthen Swiss Post’s role as a trustworthy digital partner. At the same time, it enables digital interactions based on trust. “Swiss Post has ensured mail secrecy for 175 years and enjoys a high level of trust in Switzerland. In addition to applying high security standards for physical mail, we also protect information digitally against unauthorized access”, explains Nicole Burth, Head of Communication Services at Swiss Post, adding: “Companies such as the Diartis Group, which are also dedicated to secure digital data management and transfer, complement Swiss Post’s range of services perfectly.”

Diartis Group adds software solutions to Swiss Post’s existing range of services for public authorities

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Lenzburg AG, the company employs over 100 people. In addition to recording client data, the Diartis Group’s IT applications make it possible to digitize incoming physical mail. This information can be processed in modules for calculating economic social welfare, in the invoice workflow or for forwarding data to the accounting department, for example. This enables secure digital exchange of data or documents between different authorities, organizations or clients, for example. The Diartis Group’s services complement the existing services of Swiss Post subsidiaries Dialog Verwaltungs-Data AG and Groupe T2i for public authorities with software solutions. “In Swiss Post, we have found a trustworthy partner that makes it easier for its customers and, in turn, their customers to access the digital world. For our customers and for our employees, we have found a sustainable and reliable succession solution with Swiss Post that offers exciting and promising prospects for both sides”, says Beat Hohermuth, Chairman of the Diartis Group Board of Directors.

Diartis AG and Diartis Solutions AG will continue to operate independently. For the staff, the acquisition will not entail any changes. They will continue to be employed by the Diartis Group in future. Both parties have agreed that the purchase price will remain confidential.

Source: Swiss Post