Christian Plüss has decided to step down from his roles as Head of the Swiss Post Group Unit Mobility Services and Head of PostBus at the end of January 2025. Thanks to his unwavering commitment at the helm of PostBus, confidence in the company has been gradually rebuilt. After stepping down from Executive Management next year, he will continue to work for Swiss Post in the area of sustainability and energy.

Christian Plüss (62) took over the management of PostBus at the end of 2018 under the most difficult of circumstances. Working together with the new Executive Board that he put together, he succeeded in regaining the trust of the Confederation and the cantons as well as employees and passengers of the traditional company PostBus.

CEO Roberto Cirillo pays tribute to the achievements of the departing Executive Management member: “Christian managed to lead PostBus out of the worst crisis in its history. His services to Swiss Post will not be forgotten. He also built up the Mobility unit for Swiss Post as well as the market, and always brought a fact-based and holistic perspective to Executive Management”. Christian Plüss has significantly advanced Swiss Post, particularly in the area of sustainability. “In Christian, Executive Management is not only losing an outstanding manager, but also an extremely valued colleague with great integrity. That is why I am all the more delighted that we can continue to benefit from his vast knowledge and enthusiasm for sustainability and energy even after stepping down from Executive Management”, adds Roberto Cirillo.

Great trust and support
For his part, Christian Plüss expressed his thanks for the trust placed in him: “Over the past six years, we in the Executive Board have invested a great deal in the reputation and strategic realignment of PostBus. This phase has now been completed successfully. The time is right for me to hand over my role to my successor. I would like to thank my colleagues in Executive Management and all employees in the Mobility Services unit for their great trust and support, and I consider myself fortunate to be able to continue working towards Swiss Post’s ambitious commitment in sustainability and energy”.

Managing body reorganized
As part of a strategic realignment, Swiss Post Executive Management has also approved the future management organization of the Mobility Services unit and nominated six people for the management roles of the individual units. The following people will join the newly formed Mobility Services unit management from 2025: Marco Lüthi (Licensed Passenger Transport), Martina Müggler (Mobility Solutions) Nigel Storny (Fleet Management), Mark Hugelshofer and Moritz Waelde (Co-Heads of Charging Solutions) and Peter Lacher (MS Operations). The unit management also includes Benno Bucher (Finance), Christina Brändli (HR) and Luzius Weber (Communication). Philipp Schori is the Head of Staff for Mobility Services. He already performs this task for PostBus.

The search for a new Head of Mobility Services is currently being initiated by the Board of Directors.

Source: Swiss Post