Swiss Post is expanding its range of services and introducing additional services.

Swiss Post is expanding its range of services and introducing additional services. The changes involve the expansion of payment transactions, an update to the range of services in branches with partners, newspaper delivery by midday and consignment collection at the customer’s premises. This demonstrates that Swiss Post is taking the needs of the population seriously and is moving even closer to its customers with its services.

Since the presentation of the strategy for the postal network of the future at the end of October 2016, Swiss Post has been engaged in extensive dialogue with the population, politicians and businesses. It has taken on board various concerns relating to the universal service. Swiss Post has analysed feedback carefully and is already implementing the first changes. This analysis has shown that improvements to cash payment, to deliveries in rural areas and to the range of services in communities with branches with partners are required. For this reason, Swiss Post has decided to introduce new services that form an ideal supplement to the existing range of postal services.

Cash inpayments at the front door

Branches with partners have proved to be a good alternative to post offices. They are popular with customers. They boost local partners and offer added value for the population. The main strength of branches with partners is undoubtedly their long, customer-friendly opening hours. However, they cannot offer cash payment transactions due to security requirements and the provisions of the Anti-Money Laundering Act. From 1 September 2017, Swiss Post will introduce cash inpayments at the customer’s home in all communities which have only branches with partners. This will enable private customers who prefer to make inpayments in cash to do so right on their doorstep.

Expansion of the services in branches with partners

Swiss Post will soon allow customers to post bulk mailings at branches with partners. From 1 September, municipalities, associations and SMEs will be able to drop off bulk mailings at branches with partners, if space at the partner permits. This speeds up the customer’s work.

Delivery of subscription newspapers

In some areas, daily newspaper subscriptions are not delivered with the early morning delivery. From 1 September, Swiss Post will deliver subscription newspapers in communities without early morning delivery by midday. This will ensure that Swiss Post meets a major customer requirement.

Improved posting options for SMEs

It is currently possible for SMEs to drop off their consignments around the clock in business customer boxes. The number of such posting options will be further expanded in the next few years. For a fee, Swiss Post already collects consignments directly from larger companies. From April 2017, the fee-based collection service for SMEs will also be expanded.

Cash inpayment pilot for SMEs

Swiss Post already offers various solutions for business customers, including the traditional collection of cash from the customer. Alongside this, Swiss Post is planning to offer services such as installation of inpayment machines at customers’ premises. The first pilot project is scheduled for May 2017. If the service proves to be popular and sufficient demand is established, it will later be offered in communities with branches with partners.

Modern universal service in all parts of the country

With these decisions, Swiss Post is emphasizing its dedication to the quality of the universal service in all parts of the country. It must strike a balance between customer requirements, social trends and economically viable financing of the universal service. It will maintain a constant dialogue during the development of the postal network. Its next step is to establish the cornerstones of the postal network of 2020 in discussions with cantons and communities.

Source: Swiss Post