The exsion of the Omniva parcel machine network, which started two weeks ago, is half way through. Out of 100 new parcel machines, 50 have been installed.

According to Omniva’s parcel machine network Evert Rööpson, the new parcel machines will be installed in a very timely manner. “We see that the annual Christmas volumes are already approaching. The new machines help us to handle larger parcel batches and deliver them to clients in a more convenient and better manner,” Rööpson said.
Over the past week, the new machines have arrived in Järvakandi, Aseri, Iisaku, and Vändra, for example, in addition to the new locations in Tallinn and Tartu. All machines that were installed this week are already usable today.
Recently, Omniva also introduced an application, inviting people to indicate requested parcel machines locations on a map. To date, more than 15,000 people have already made their parcel machine requests, and many new parcel machines have been installed precisely in the desired locations. You can still indicate the most suitable parcel machine location across the entire Estonia here: www.Omniva.ee/100automaati.
At the beginning of 2018, Omniva had 132 parcel machines in Estonia – at the end of the year there will be 250. According to Rööpson, the 100 parcel machines to be installed this year is just the beginning. “We will also keep the people’s suggestions about the parcel machine locations for the future. This means that if a parcel machine is not installed in the requested location this year, we will consider the suggestion during future expansions,” Rööpson explained.

Source: Omniva