With demand cycles constantly shifting in the U.S. truckload market, Coyote Logistics, a global third-party logistics leader (3PL), today announced its “Coyote Curve” forecast model has identified the volatile market’s next inflection point and urges shippers to take advantage of opportunities in Q2 2019.

The company’s Coyote Curve analyzes three concurrent cycles – seasonal demand, annual procurement and more elusive market capacity – to help supply chain managers identify recurring patterns that can lead to better informed supply chain and logistics decisions.

“To remain competitive, companies must understand the forces that affect market shifts,” said Coyote Chief Strategy Officer Chris Pickett. “The market is vast, fragmented and dynamic, and market capacity cycles are often only visible in the rearview. From the Coyote Curve, we know seemingly sudden market shifts are moves-in-the-making several quarters in advance, and by comparing current cycle data to historical data, it can help forecast the trajectory of the market.”

During a May 2 webinar, Pickett will detail findings of the Q2 Coyote Curve, including:

What dynamics – including seasonal demands, such as produce – move the market;
How the Coyote Curve “reads” market data and indicators;
Why the market is likely in its current state; and
What to expect for the rest of 2019.
The Curve, as first featured in the May 2018 issue of The Journal of Supply Chain Management, accurately predicted the U.S. truckload market’s current deflationary environment, which left companies unprepared when tightening capacity peaked and began deflating late 2018.

Source: UPS