Mona Keijzer, the Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, today approved the merger of the PostNL and Sandd postal networks, paving the way for the full completion of the transaction between PostNL and Sandd.

The combination of both postal networks is necessary to ensure continuity. As a result, postal services throughout the Netherlands will continue to be reliable, accessible and affordable, while also benefiting the job security of thousands of mail deliverers.

Approval was granted under Article 47 of Dutch competition law, following a special request to this effect by PostNL and Sandd on 6 September. The Deputy Minister has taken the decision based on a broader consideration of social interests.

Approval is subject to conditions aimed at safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders:

Postal operators that currently use the Sandd network will be offered a transitional scheme for access to the PostNL network.

A maximum return of 9% will be imposed on the core activities of the mail business, with the maximum return on the universal postal service capped at 9%. Furthermore, PostNL will continue its moderate price policies of the past few years.

PostNL will offer jobs to all Sandd mail deliverers. For all other Sandd employees, opportunities within PostNL or alternatives will be considered. A social plan for all Sandd employees has been drawn up in close consultation with the Sandd works council. PostNL will also honour current collaboration with sheltered workplace companies and the consolidation will not therefore affect their employees who face challenges in the labour market.

PostNL and Sandd expect to complete the transaction in the near future, and more details on the integration of the postal networks and the financial consequences will be provided then.

Source: PostNL