In December the IPC Certification of Excellence in the Management and Processing of International Priority Products in postal office of exchanges will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Over the years, it has become an essential instrument to measure the quality of the international postal service. The IPC Certificate encourages postal operators to strive for excellence and fosters improvements to the advantages of its customers.

The service continues to ensure high-quality mail service, with several Offices of Exchange audited over the past years and months. Recently, the Dublin Mail Centre and Air Transit Unit have seen their IPC Certificate of Excellence reconfirmed for three more years until June 2022. The Madrid Barajas Office of Exchange has also been recertified for three more years, until September 2022. The Brussels EMC Office of Exchange has obtained its first certificate for its re-organised OE and AMU to remain valid till October 2022. Certification was also completed for the Zurich Office of Exchange. 

In order to provide a high-quality end-to-end service to meet customer expectations, every Office of Exchange (OE) needs to perform well and adhere to the same principles. This is what IPC rewards through its Certificates of excellence, since 1999. 

Certificates are given in recognition of the management and staff working in an international site that provide an excellent service quality through engagement and efficient processes. This Certificate is the result of a thorough and fully independent monitoring process. The assessment also reviews quality, cleanliness, safety, security and signage within an OE facility. The main criteria for assessment relate to topics such as work organisation, quality management, communication and interface with internal customers as well as with airline companies, handlers, IPC and IPC partner postal operators. Certificates of Excellence are valid for a period of three years.

Today, about 15 offices of exchange in Europe and Asia Pacific have a valid IPC Certificate of Excellence. Furthermore, 15 other OEs are currently in the process of having their Certificate re-confirmed for three more years or are preparing for their first certificate.