US West Coast delivery company GSO has completed its rebranding to GLS three years after being acquired by Royal Mail Group’s international parcels subsidiary. The company, which officially changed its name to General Logistics Systems US, Inc. (GLS US) in December, was one of three GLS acquisitions in North America, along with Postal Express (US North-West) and Canadian firm Dicom. “GLS is an international company with 30 years of experience and allows me to proudly say, we now have global experience delivered locally,” said GLS US CEO, Randall Swart. “Over the past year, GSO has gone through many exciting changes, and we remain committed to providing the best service to our valued customers. In 2020 we will celebrate 25 years doing what we love — delivering packages as an extension of our customers’ businesses.” Swart said the company looks forward to using the knowledge and experience of the GLS Group to invest in new technologies, new facilities, new vehicles and future growth to support customers’ growing shipping needs. “We are excited about the potential to accelerate our growth and presence in the market,” he said. GLS US, which serves California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Utah, is converting all trucks, drop boxes and supplies to the GLS brand.