Omniva says the recent days have seen the arrival in Estonia of a large number of international shipments that piled up during the Christmas and New Year period. Each day, about 30,000-40,000 shipments, mainly from China, arrive in Estonia.

Omniva’s head of operations Kristi Unt says it’s a phenomenon that is becoming regular and that a backlog was seen last year as well. “Because December is the peak season for the logistics sector throughout the world, bottlenecks develop in the international package logistics chains, and these resolve only in January,” she said.

Once in Estonia, the shipments are delivered to the end recipients with any further significant delays. “Ordinarily it takes a day or two to delivery shipments arriving in Estonia, but it may take a few days longer in the case of the parcels that recently arrived,” said Unt.

Unit said it can’t be out that some of the shipments are already past their two-month maximum delivery term and the merchant may have already compensated the recipients. “Regardless of whether compensation has been received or not, we deliver the shipments onward to the recipients as quickly as possible. We don’t have any information to provide as regards the shipments that haven’t reached Estonia yet, though," she added. “Thus, customers are advised to remain patient and use Omniva’s shipment tracking feature on its website to obtain information on their parcels. Unfortunately, customer service is unable to provide any detailed information on shipments that are still en route.“

The delivery term for shipments from the People’s Republic of China varies from about a week and a half to two months. Thus, the shipments currently arriving can include both goods bought on China’s Singles Day shopping holiday and Christmas orders. Experience in previous years indicates that the bottlenecks in the logistics chain arise especially in the air transport.

The peak of last year’s shipping period was problem-free at Omniva. “While there were record numbers of parcels, we coped well with the Christmas volumes due to our timely planning and thorough preparations,” said Unit, who said all parcels that were sent timely and accurately reached their recipients before Christmas. In total, Omniva delivered over 1.5 million parcels to customers in December. The most parcels were delivered to customers in the week before Christmas and via parcel machines, which were filled and emptied many times a day.

Source: Omniva