To better connect shippers and carriers in an increasingly fragmented freight market, Coyote Logistics, a leading global third-party logistics (3PL) provider, today announced the expansion of its CoyoteGO® digital freight platform. Included in this expansion is the launch of new, on-demand features that put Coyote’s full suite of digital solutions in one place. The result is a true end-to-end digital experience that allows shippers and carriers to keep freight moving on their terms.

“At Coyote, our core goal is to offer the right capacity to shippers and the right freight to carriers, when and where they need it, in the most efficient way possible. The better we can achieve that through new technology innovations, the more value we can provide to both sides of the market,” said Brian Work, Chief Technology Officer, Coyote. “The expansion of CoyoteGO® represents one of the ways we’re integrating digital solutions at critical stages throughout the shipping process, from quoting through settlement, to foster a better experience for all users.”

The CoyoteGO® digital freight platform now includes new, easy-to-use quote and ship tools that provide shippers with on-demand access to a marketplace of more than 70,000 vetted carriers to move their freight when, where and how they want. In addition to fast, easy online tendering, CoyoteGO®, accessible at go.coyote.com from desktop and mobile devices, offers shippers the following:  

On-demand full truckload and less than truckload (LTL) quoting and shipping
Visibility to in-transit loads with online tracking
A faster path to settlement with the ability to receive paperwork and invoices
Transparency into facility ratings with almost 200,000 reviews (and growing)
For years, the CoyoteGO® app has been helping thousands of businesses grow their fleets and discover new opportunities through access to Coyote’s network of over 10,000 loads per day. This most recent expansion builds on the success of the established carrier app and on a series of comprehensive carrier-technology enhancements made to the digital freight platform in 2019. These include last October’s mobile and desktop updates, which reaffirmed why the CoyoteGO® mobile app has the highest “stickiness” rate – the percentage of carriers who downloaded and became regular, active users – among carriers of any 3PL and brokerage platforms, according to CarrierList.

This expansion of the CoyoteGO® digital freight platform further supports our network of shippers and carriers with one centralized digital experience across all users and devices. However, Coyote maintains that technology alone is not the key to supply chain success.

“Last year, our Tech + Humanity original research study revealed that shippers and carriers agree a balance of innovative, easy-to-use technology and dedicated human support is necessary to optimally manage their supply chains,” Work said. “The expansion of CoyoteGO® represents one of the many ways we’re delivering solutions that help achieve this balance. We’re empowering users to ship smarter, whether through simple, on-demand access to Coyote’s entire freight marketplace, or through a dedicated specialist that knows their business.”

Coyote’s guiding philosophy remains the same – everything we create, regardless of end user and channel, must drive towards one simple goal: easier access to a large, diverse marketplace. With this expansion, the CoyoteGO® digital freight platform further delivers on this philosophy by offering users 24/7, on-demand access to Coyote’s vast freight marketplace.  

To learn more about CoyoteGO® and its latest features for shippers and carriers, or to register for a free account, please visit coyote.com.

Source: UPS