The first airlink between the United States and Europe was successfully carried out. The United Airlines plane, chartered by IPC, landed in Brussels on 1 April with mail items destined to several European countries, including Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland.

IPC organised a ground network to distribute this mail around Europe. Additionally, IPC provided a ground network from European countries including Denmark, France, Iceland, Latvia, Norway and Sweden for the return flight to the United States. 
Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, IPC — with a group of over 50 posts worldwide — has been coordinating operational information exchange, assisting in enhancing cross-border postal cooperation and the sharing of best practices on preventative safety measures for postal staff. IPC has been working with interested posts to look for operational solutions and keep mail flowing despite the lack of air capacity due in part to the cancellation of many passenger flights. 

A second airlink between the United States and Europe is planned in the coming days.