The coronavirus disease has caused widespread disruption and put incredible stress on the critical systems and infrastructure that keep the world moving. This has been especially true of the supply chain, which is being stretched to meet the changing needs and demands of businesses and consumers alike. Despite being pushed to the limit, supply chain professionals around the world have displayed incredible dedication to ensuring those on the front lines have what they need to fight the disease.

This work is more than inspiring. It’s lifesaving. That’s why Coyote Logistics believes these acts of goodwill, generosity and humility should not go unrecognized. In that spirit, the company is excited to announce the launch of its #GreenMeansGiveThanks Campaign, which is centered on recognizing members of the supply chain that are going above and beyond to help others and support the fight against coronavirus disease.

With this campaign, Coyote aims to bring members of the supply chain together. Through its launch, the company is not only showing their gratitude, but also inviting members of the public to easily share their appreciation for these dedicated individuals with their #GreenMeansGiveThanks submission form.

Jonathan Sisler, Coyote’s Chief Executive Officer, kicked off the campaign today, saying, “I’d like to sincerely thank all front-line workers and first responders around the world. From truck drivers, dock workers and supply chain professionals to doctors, nurses and grocery store employees, your tireless work has helped to save countless lives. If you would like to share your gratitude for these dedicated individuals, I invite you to do so through this campaign. It’s a simple way to show your appreciation for those so critical to the fight against the coronavirus disease.”

In a short amount of time, members of Coyote’s network have stepped up in impressive ways. Here are just a few examples:

Uline quickly assembled supplies to set up coronavirus testing kit stations across the nation.
"We are part of an amazing team, and situations like last night demonstrate what we are capable of when we continue to focus on having the inventory and the good people — with 'people' being the most critical piece. Thanks to all of you, including our valued carrier partners, who worked through the night to keep America open for business!" said Brad Harper, Uline

Source: UPS