During the Covid-19 global crisis, IPC continues to support its member posts and posts around the globe to ensure that services remain operational. 

IPC’s Global Customer Service System (GCSS) helps postal service customer service departments answer the demands from e-retailers and consumers for swift information about the whereabouts and status of cross-border postal items. IPC’s GCSS is a web-based application enabling the exchange of inquiries between 279 postal call centres globally in 190 countries.

In the current coronavirus context, many postal operators have implemented temporary procedures to replace the “proof of delivery”, once postal drivers in many countries are nowadays not allowed to collect the recipient’s signature nor to have any contact with the recipient at all. IPC’s GCSS gathers an overview of all the different procedures set in place by 26 operators around the globe, so that customer service agents have a continuous access to the most up-to-date information. 

The services which are subject to these matters are postal services which require proof of delivery, such as Registered letters, EMS, EPG and Premium Parcels. Some of the procedures include that the postman collects info on ID Card of the receiver, enters a specific code on the handheld device or simply conducts a proof of delivery scan event.

Source: IPC