Successful worldwide transportation and delivery of billions of coronavirus vaccine doses as soon as this autumn could pose ‘immense’ challenges for logistics companies who will need to scale up capacity rapidly, DHL warned today.

Global delivery of an estimated 10 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines – which might have to be stored at -80°C – could require up to 200,000 pallet shipments, about 15,000 flights and approximately 15 million deliveries in cooling boxes through different medical supply chains, the logistics company said in a new White Paper on ‘Delivering Pandemic Resilience’.

New public-private partnerships may therefore be necessary to handle this gigantic task, DHL said. In addition, deliveries to remote regions of Africa, Asia and South America could prove especially difficult, according to the company.

Moreover, logistics experts noted that worldwide corona vaccine deliveries this autumn would also have to be handled by logistics companies at the same time as the traditional pre-Christmas peak season for parcel deliveries. This is expected to be much bigger this year due to the e-commerce boom that the pandemic has generated.

Source: CEP Research