Brussels, 29 October – IPC today announced a major enhancement programme for its Global Customer Service System (GCSS). GCSS currently links 291 postal customer service centres across 191 countries. GCSS will receive a major upgrade in phases throughout 2021 to bring sharper focus upon existing established processes and, in addition will provide new features. Thanks to those new functionalities, it will enhance the support provided for international tracked postal products, such as EMS, UPU Parcels, INTERCONNECT, EPG and PRIME.

Liam O’Sullivan, Chief Operations Officer, says: “Leveraging upon IPC’s 20 years of GCSS experience, listening attentively to the feedback from frontline users in posts worldwide, we will enhance GCSS to make it more intuitive, more ergonomic and user friendly whilst adding some extra features which will bring more value.”

The GCSS enhancements will be developed and implemented in two phases. Development of the first phase begins in Q1 2021 with delivery in Q2 2021. The second phase will be delivered in Q4 2021. 

Phase 1:

GCSS Force Majeure

- This will introduce new Force Majeure functionality within GCSS which will allow IPC to promptly respond to customer service centre related Force Majeure claims (such as a customer service centre power outage).

- This will in turn enable customer service centres worldwide to keep their customers accurately updated on factors which may impact the timing of the resolution of their inquiries.

• Enhanced auto-population

 - The enhanced auto-population functionality will assist GCSS users when creating inquiries by automatically extracting ITMATT in addition to EMSEVT data to populate inquiry fields at the start of the process.

- Auto-population will contribute to improving inquiry data quality and timeliness, thereby enabling improvements to customer care.

Phase 2:
Improved Visibility

- GCSS workflows will be simplified to render simpler screens with clearer, easier processes and reduced maintenance. 

Display Tracking Information for Inquiries Optimisation

- IPC will optimise the presentation of the increasing amounts of item tracking events displayed. 

- By having the tracking feature always available on-screen, the customer service agents will be enabled to access event information in a user-friendly way.

User Cockpit

- The User Cockpit will be a new GCSS feature which will assist customer service centres by providing a consolidated view upon GCSS open workflow customer service centre performance. It will deliver the information customer service agents need and provide customer service centre management tools.

- It will provide each GCSS customer service centre team early visibility upon actions which may positively impact upon customer satisfaction and related Key Performance Indicator (KPI) achievements.

As international tracked mail item volumes continue to increase significantly, the planned enhancements to GCSS will directly benefit Postal operators’ customer service centres worldwide, enabling them to best respond to increasing demands from e-retailers and consumers for swift information about all inquiry matters.

Further information about GCSS enhancements will be communicated in due course throughout 2020 and into 2021.