From October, all Omniva couriers' handheld devices have the HOIA app, which lets you know quickly if you have been near anyone infected with COVID-19. By installing the app, the company can better identify possible contact with infected persons and thus ensure a safer service for both clients and employees.

"With the HOIA app, we are protecting Omniva employees and our clients," said Omniva Tallinn Terminal Manager Anneli Undrest. "We have adopted several measures at Omniva to reduce the risk of infection to the minimum."
To lower contact between people and limit the spread of the infection, we ask clients to use self-service channels. 257 Omniva parcel machines in Estonia are located outside where there are fewer people and the risk of infection is lower. The parcel machine touchscreens are regularly cleaned, but the machines can also be used without having to touch publicly used surfaces directly: Omniva parcel machine screens can be used wearing gloves and it is possible to use contactless payment at all parcel machines.
All post offices and sub post offices are open to clients, but when going to the post office, we ask that clients follow the signs, posters and instructions. Omniva employees also follow additional hygiene requirements when delivering parcels. Parcels are issued to private clients outdoors and contact-free. Couriers also keep a two-metre distance from the client, if possible. 
Washing hands, disinfecting surfaces and wearing masks are the best protection against the virus. Omniva employees are equipped with disinfectants, and parcel machine screens are cleaned regularly. In addition to following hygiene requirements, avoiding direct physical contact with publicly used surfaces helps us stay healthy. Therefore, you can use the touchscreen of the parcel machine while wearing gloves.

Source: Omnvia