These last years, the postal industry is being challenged by ongoing structural change in a less predictable economic reality. Evolving customer needs have led to an acceleration of mail volume decline while e-commerce is making inroads. During these last quarters, the COVID-19 crisis has clearly revealed what an acceleration of the business transformation might look like, with spectacular growth figures in the Parcels & Logistics activity. This new reality, which will continue even after the COVID-19 crisis, requires an acceleration of the multi-year transformation journey in which bpost group is embarked.

In order to be able to respond to the evolving customer needs and lay strong foundations for a viable future, bpost concluded a comprehensive review of the group’s strategic vision and capital allocation, aimed at successfully driving the company’s business transformation, while staying financially disciplined and creating sustainable shareholder value. 

bpost group wants to become a “trusted guide to connect in a changing world”
The new strategic vision CONNECT 2026 is an evolution, not a revolution. Over the past few years, bpost group has already  succeeded to turn into an efficient and innovative mail operator in Belgium, while becoming a relevant actor in the parcels and e-commerce logistics space in Belgium, in Europe and in the US. Today, the group is ready to move up a gear and to accelerate its business transformation in order to be able to continue to create long-term sustainable value for its worldwide customers and shareholders in the years to come.    

Jean-Paul Van Avermaet, CEO bpost group :

“The launch of CONNECT 2026 is a mind shift for our company for at least four main reasons. Firstly, it will allow us to continue to reinvent our company in order to put customer centricity even more at the heart of everything we do. Anticipating the evolving needs of the customers is what drives us and motivates us to create value from them. Secondly, it will allow us to invest in our omni-commerce logistics activities. This is our main engine of growth, thanks in particular to the great opportunities offered by Radial and Active Ants in e-commerce logistics. Active Ants, for example, will be opening a number of new sites  in European countries, including Belgium. Thirdly, our new strategic vision more than ever puts the spotlight on our societal role, by underlining our willingness to develop new services and this as a planet-friendly and inclusive organization. As it is mentioned clearly in our CONNECT 2026 vision, bpost group wants to be the trusted guide to connect in a changing world for our customers , employees, citizens, companies, shareholders and governments. And last but not least, the launch of this ambitious strategic vision sets the guidance of a sustainable future for bpost group and all its employees, who give the best of themselves every single day.” 
The updated strategic vision CONNECT 2026 is built on 7 ambitions 
Be the trusted partner for brands, enabling them to successfully grow their omni-commerce activities through: 

Source: bpost