IPC’s Mail Registration Device (MRD) service offers a simple and efficient electronic registration process for airmail receptacles at postal facilities at airports. As airmail passes through the hands of posts, ground handling agents and airlines, the MRD allows for all parties to easily and uniformly register airmail items, thereby streamlining the handover process and ensuring transparency. The solution has been installed at over 30 locations and airports across the world.

Over the past months, the service has continued to improve, with a new version of its software under development, as well as ongoing efforts to improve data quality. IPC has launched the development of a new version of the MRD software is now underway. This new version will not only focus on the upgrade of the machine software itself but will also deliver an all-round optimisation of all related tools within IPC’s systems. 

One of the key features of the new version will be the new MRD Management Platform (MMP), that will help IPC’s Helpdesk to monitor the machines’ technical issues in a more proactive way, by providing enhanced centralised monitoring tools. This feature will subsequently see the issue resolution times reduced.

In parallel to this, the Operations Upgrading Committee has tasked IPC to improve the overall quality of the operations of all MRD machines. Many of IPC’s services rely on MRD data for their quality reports and the expectation is to continuously work to achieve higher-quality results. A project group is now deploying an ambitious plan that will cover the whole year 2021.

Despite of the challenges linked to travel restrictions, the IPC MRD team continues its effort to further expand the MRD solutions and to improve the quality of the data produced.