Aditro Logistics, part of the Finnish Posti Group, is taking the warehouse optimization to the next level by installing an AutoStore® warehouse system in its eCommerce site in Arlanda. The system will include 40 robots, 50,000 storage bins and it will enable more than 1,000 order lines per hour. Thanks to the new system, Aditro Logistics can further enhance its customer experience and offer scalable and cost-efficient logistics and eCommerce solutions to its customers. The system will be delivered by Element Logic Sweden and the first customer to benefit from the investment is Cervera, one of Sweden's leading retailers.

In a step towards further standardization and optimization of its process and workflow in the Arlanda eCommerce logistics site, Aditro Logistics has decided to invest more than SEK 70 million (EUR 7 million) in a goods to man solution. Aditro Logistics strives to create a seamless fulfilment experience for its customers and automation of its logistics processes is one important step on the way. The chosen supplier of the automation is AutoStore®, world's fastest-growing warehouse system. The system is planned to be operational in April 2022.

“Implementing the AutoStore warehouse system marks the beginning of a new era for us. Logtech, robotics and automation are the cornerstones of our strategy. By adding this solution, we have taken the next step in future-proofing our warehousing offering and helping us to ensure the fulfilment of our customers’ logistics and eCommerce needs also in the future,“ says Johannes Gussander, CEO of Aditro Logistics. “This is a vital part of our conceptualized way of working and something we will further roll out to our other sites within Aditro Logistics and Posti Group. I’m also very happy to continue our long-term cooperation with Cervera with a new, multiyear contract. Thanks to this new solution, we were able to offer Cervera the scalability, capacity and cost efficiency that they were looking for,” Gussander continues.

“We are excited to embark on this new journey with Aditro Logistics and Posti Group and take a step into the future of customized and automated logistics. This new warehouse setup perfectly suits our growth ambition and logistics needs. We are in the midst of transforming our entire company into a leading eCommerce company with stores. This new agreement enables us to continue our projected growth journey in full speed without capacity constraints and meanwhile ensuring top quality towards the end consumer,” says Peter Rimbäck, CEO at Cervera.

The new AutoStore® system will be delivered by Element Logic Sweden. “Automated and efficient warehouses are an important enabler of global eCommerce. We are proud to work with Aditro Logistics and deliver this state-of-the-art solution that supports the competitiveness of Aditro Logistics and its customers,“ says Thomas Karlsson, Managing Director of Element Logic Sweden.

“We have worked out the new deal structure in a true partnership effort together with the team at Aditro Logistics. The new automation solution from AutoStore and Element Logic will be tailored to both our eCommerce and store logistics flows to perfectly match our logistics needs with regards to location, capacity, quality and efficiency. We also believe that Aditro Logistics’ and Posti Group’s extensive experience from logistics optimization and specifically their new initiatives into logtech, will be very beneficial for Cervera going forward. The AutoStore automation will substantially increase the capacity in terms of number of handled orders per day, which will be important to fulfil our e-com customer promise, especially during the high season peaks,” concludes Beatriz Fellenius, Supply Chain Manager at Cervera.

Automation and robotization to enable efficient operations
Aditro Logistics’ AutoStore® installation will include 40 robots, 10 pick stations, 3 inbound stations, 50,000 storage bins and it will enable more than 1,000 order lines per hour. In addition to the AutoStore® system and grid, the new installation will also include a complete conveyor system with remote packing stations and sorting capacity. The system is highly scalable so adding new robots and/or pick stations as well as grids and bins is easy. This makes it quick to add new customers and new products to the system.

Becoming a modern delivery and fulfilment company
Aditro Logistics is part of the Finnish Posti Group, whose goal is to become a modern delivery and fulfilment company. Posti creates value for its customers by covering and optimizing the e-commerce logistics value-chain from transport to warehousing and from sorting to delivery. Aditro Logistics’ AutoStore® investment plays an important part in making this happen.

Posti Group has announced that it is investing over EUR 100 million into growing its sorting and distribution capacity, developing its digital capabilities, and expanding its parcel locker network. In February 2021, Posti Group already announced that its Finnish logistics company Transval will invest EUR 37 million in constructing a 30,000 m2 warehouse that utilizes cutting-edge technology and automation. The AutoStore® investment in Aditro Logistics’ warehouse in Arlanda is a further example of Posti Group’s commitment to invest in automation and robotization to improve the efficiency of its operations and to enhance customer experience.

Source: Posti