ITMATT data is becoming increasingly more important, as different initiatives and legal requirements are being implemented, like the ICS2 framework, the new VAT regulations in Europe or the US STOP Act. As a result, there is a lot of interest from postal operators on different types of ITMATT reporting.
IPC’s ITMATT Data Quality Monitoring (DQM) solution helps posts identify what customs data need to be improved. ITMATT DQM analyses ITMATT messages and compliance with the UPU EDI message technical standards for ITMATT and in addition checks on the data completeness and data quality of the data included in the message based on a complex set of data validation rules.

Over the past years, the tool has seen several technical improvements, as well as an expanding membership. Postal participation in the ITMATT DQM solution has increased significantly: 8 posts were using the tool in 2018 while currently 36 posts use the tool.

In 2020, IPC released version 3.5 of ITMATT DQM, which was a major improvement compared to previous versions of the tool. It included a full re-design of the user interface, making it more user friendly and intuitive, and the inclusion of the full universe of ITMATT data from the CCDS database. The latter enabled posts to access the data quality of their ITMATT messages for all their partners and for all their postal products. Previous versions of the tool which included only ITMATTs for Interconnect and KPG products and their participant posts.

IPC provides the maintenance and support for ITMATT DQM and provides recurrent training sessions throughout the year.

For more information about the importance of ITMATT DQM tool and how it supports postal operators, please visit our website.