FedEx Office, a world-class provider of convenient, state-of-the-art printing, packing, and shipping services, and subsidiary of FedEx Corp., has joined forces with Accenture, a global professional services company, and River Logic, an innovator in prescriptive analytics, to create a digitally-enabled environment intended to enhance its print production and delivery network. The collaboration aims to make it easier for customers to create the professionally printed materials they need while driving efficiencies and cost savings across the FedEx Office network.

As part of the project, FedEx Office team members worked with Accenture and River Logic to create a “digital twin” of the company’s operations system, which serves as a virtual representation of its vast printing and distribution network. The teams utilized assets including FedEx Office’s network of nearly 2,200 retail stores, 18 commercial print facilities and its nationwide transportation fleet to visualize scenarios to deliver even more seamless printing and better delivery across both its small and large customers. The digital twin also allows FedEx Office to optimize its operations to meet current customer demands, in addition to creating more meaningful touchpoints, minimizing the opportunity for error or damage, and driving a better overall experience.

“While we’re always exploring how to best deploy our robust network, this is the first time we’ve been able to visualize the actual impacts of potential changes by evaluating ‘what if’ scenarios,” said Tom DeGreve, Managing Director, Production Strategy and Engineering at FedEx Office. “There is a lot of science and technology that goes into the FedEx Office operations. By taking a closer look at how we can improve and adapt our resources to best meet customers’ needs, we’ll create enhanced relationships and drive better business overall.”

Pierre Mawet, a managing director in Accenture’s Supply Chain & Operations practice, said, “By looking below the surface of their operations, and using emerging technologies such as digital twins, organizations can truly transform their operations to drive significant efficiencies and better meet the needs of their customers. FedEx Office’s commitment to re-evaluating its print and delivery networks highlights the company’s dedication to serving its customers in innovative ways and adapting to the future.”

“Together with our Accenture partners, we’re happy to serve FedEx Office as they navigate how to best meet their customer’s changing printing and delivery needs,” said Carlos Centurion, President of River Logic. “FedEx Office made it clear from the beginning that they want to deliver end-to-end value for their customers, as well as their business. We believe the digital twin powered by prescriptive analytics they’ve configured using our technology will help them identify and execute the scenarios that best meet their objectives.”

With its large footprint of retail stores and fully-connected network of printing and delivery solutions, FedEx Office intends to continue to optimize its operations to best serve the needs of its customers today and for tomorrow.

Source: Fedex