The Latvian subsidiary of Omniva has entered into a cooperation agreement with SIA Narvesen Baltija to offer parcel pick-up services through the largest Latvian retail chain in more than 200 locations. Together with 92 new parcel machines to be installed at the end of the year, Omniva will offer the possibility to pick up parcels in more than 500 locations in Latvia by the end of 2021.

‘The rapid development of e-commerce during the pandemic and the continuing high demand for parcel services are forcing us to continue to look for new solutions and forms of cooperation. Despite the fact that this year, we are investing in expanding the parcel machine network and installing 92 new parcel machines in Latvia, we are pleased to have established cooperation with a reliable partner that will bring us even closer to our customers,’ said Kristi Unt, Member of the Board of Omniva.
Narvesen CEO Dace Dovidena is convinced that in the current unpredictable market conditions, companies that can respond quickly and adapt to the business environment and the needs of consumers will benefit.
‘One of the main tasks of Narvesen is to be accessible to everyone, including in remote areas. That is our common goal with Omniva. As the services of Omniva are important to many Latvians, we are pleased to be able to provide the right infrastructure to make them even more widely available. This cooperation is the best way to achieve our goals by joining forces with like-minded partners so that all parties, especially the residents, benefit,’ Dovidena emphasised.
Omniva is already the market leader with the largest parcel machine network in Latvia. The new cooperation with Narvesen and the planned expansion of the parcel machine network by the end of this year will strengthen the position of the company and increase the number of parcel pick-up points to more than 500 by the end of the year.
Picking up parcels at the sales points of Narvesen will be similar to picking them up from parcel machines. When the parcel reaches the pick-up point of Narvesen, the customer receives a text message and the parcel is handed to the customer there on the basis of the parcel data.
Narvesen is the largest franchise retail chain in Latvia, with 24 years of experience and more than 230 retail outlets employing more than 800 people. The company offers customers quality coffee, fresh food and snacks, and magazines throughout the city. Narvesen stands for a developed urban environment and happy citizens to make the daily life of customers even more enjoyable and everything necessary easily accessible.
SIA Omniva Latvija, which offers parcel services in the Latvian market, was founded in 2012. Omniva has the largest parcel machine network in the Baltics with almost 800 parcel machines. It offers a high-quality, fast, and reliable service for the delivery of goods around the clock. There are currently 208 Omniva parcel machines in Latvia, located in 92 settlements in Latvia, and the number of machines will increase to 300 by the end of the year.

Source: Omniva