As part of a new collaboration, the logistics company METRO LOGISTICS is taking over the handling of bulky and heavy goods for DHL 2-Mann-Handling at the METRO LOGISTICS warehouse facility in Reichenbach, Thüringen. The additional location complements the central DHL 2-Mann-Handling warehouse in Ludwigsau, delivering significantly more goods handling capacity for the DHL 2-Mann-Handling network.

"Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, many more people have been ordering their furniture, washing machines or large TVs online. Beyond our central warehouse, we will now focus on a number of distributed hubs so we can expand our network in Germany in a consistent way and win a bigger share of the growing market. This will ensure that we can process the growing number of items as reliably as ever, especially as Christmas approaches," says Katharina Pellmann, Managing Director Commercial & IT at DHL 2-Mann-Handling GmbH.

Thorsten Sega, Chief Operating Officer of METRO LOGISTICS, explains: "Our reorientation from a group logistics provider to a service provider operating on the open logistics market has gone down very well.  We are happy that our cross-docking concept is so popular and that we can now count DHL 2-Mann-Handling GmbH as a customer. It was important for us to offer an efficient logistics solution, especially at a time when the online and mail order business is experiencing such strong growth. Our location in Reichenbach is a perfect fit with the existing shipping network of DHL 2-Mann-Handling GmbH, with plenty of room to grow in future."

Working in two shifts, METRO LOGISTICS employees sort the goods at the Reichenbach location, which occupies an area of about 5,500 square meters. "That means we can increase our daily goods handling capacity by a double-digit percentage," says Beate Seeher, Managing Director Operations, Support and Finance at DHL 2-Mann-Handling GmbH.

DHL 2-Mann-Handling specializes in the transport and delivery of large and bulky goods and has a total of around 400 employees in Germany. Items are sent to more than 30 regional DHL transport center partners across Germany from the central hub in Ludwigsau and, effective immediately, the additional METRO LOGISTICS location in Reichenbach. They are then delivered to the end customer's preferred delivery point at a time arranged in advance by telephone, including installation if necessary.

"In future, we want to integrate further locations into our network in addition to the hub in Reichenbach. This not only creates more capacity for our business customers but also makes our network even more robust and resilient for the future," says Beate Seeher.

Source: Deutsche Post DHL