PostNord has become the first logistics operator to be elected to join The Pathways Coalition, a partnership devoted to accelerating the transition to sustainable transport solutions. The ultimate aim is to establish conditions for the historically rapid transition that is required to ensure a fossil-free commercial transport system no later than 2050.

Transport is the second-largest source of global carbon emissions. This means that in order to achieve the climate targets set out in the Paris Agreement, heavy transport operations have to become completely fossil-free. For this to be possible, dramatic changes will have to be made in all sectors in the form of new technology, new infrastructure and entirely new business models, combined with close cooperation within and between multiple industries. Against this background, The Pathways Coalition was founded by parties representing all the different parts of the value chain. Welcoming PostNord as a member supplements the work through the addition of a key perspective: that of the logistics operator.

The other members of the coalition are E.ON, H&M Group, Scania, Siemens and Ericsson. As the first logistics operator to join the coalition, PostNord is in a position to contribute important insights from the world of transport.

“Bringing PostNord on board means that we can now pick up the pace of the transformation. We need to be active in all areas of the value chain to be able to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable transport system. We are therefore striving to involve all parts of the value chain, from transport purchasers to logistics operators. As the largest logistics operator in the Nordic region, PostNord has a major influence on the sector as a whole and is therefore a natural choice to join the coalition. It means a great deal to bring in a logistics operator that understands all the operational challenges involved in switching to fossil-free transport solutions,” explains Anders Bylund, Senior Advisor at Siemens Nordic and Chairman of the coalition steering group.

PostNord’s sustainability agenda is firmly founded on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In 2020, the Group achieved its climate target of reducing its carbon footprint by 40 percent in relation to 2009 levels. The next objective is for all the Group’s transport solutions in the Nordic region to become fossil-free by 2030. Membership of The Pathways Coalition constitutes an important step towards this target, because through the working relationship, PostNord is contributing to the transition of the entire logistics industry.

“I’m delighted that PostNord has become the first logistics operator to be approved as a member of The Pathways Coalition. We have a distinct sustainability agenda, and cooperation between different players are crucial to our success. I’m convinced that thanks to our extensive experience, we can contribute key insights to the work of the coalition and thus help to power the transition to a sustainable transport system,” says Annemarie Gardshol, President and Group CEO of PostNord.

Source: PostNord