As a long-standing and reliable partner to the Swiss Confederation, cantons and municipalities, Swiss Post is highly familiar with their requirements within Switzerland’s federal structure. For this reason, Swiss Post aims to focus on providing public administrations and municipalities with greater support for digitization. It is planning to set up an ecosystem for authorities and, with this in mind, is expanding its business area to include digital services for public authorities. To achieve this goal, Swiss Post is securing vital expertise. On 15 November 2021, it acquired the municipality software provider Dialog Verwaltungs-Data AG.

Swiss Post already supports municipalities and authorities with a wide range of physical services. In future, it will also support public administrations with the digital transformation and protection of sensitive data and help to simplify their routine activities. This step will also strengthen the Swiss economy – members of the public and businesses all benefit from a modern, digital administration. For this reason, Swiss Post is aiming to achieve growth in the e-government sector and is expanding its business area to include digital services for authorities. On 15 November 2021, Swiss Post acquired an 81.5 percent stake in Dialog Verwaltungs-Data AG.

Dialog will continue to operate as an independent company
The company, which is headquartered in Baldegg in the Canton of Lucerne, develops software and cloud solutions for public administrations in Switzerland and is a specialist in the secure digital exchange of information. Dialog is renowned for providing integrated total solutions from a single source. Dialog Verwaltungs-Data AG’s software for municipalities was developed in-house and enables continuous flows of information without media disruption, replacing complex silo systems with different user interfaces. This relieves the administrative workload on authorities and creates more time for their core activities – contact with citizens. 

Dialog was founded in 1980 and employs 63 staff and 3 apprentices. Dialog Verwaltungs-Data AG will become a subsidiary of Swiss Post and continue to operate as an independent company. The acquisition will not have any effect on Dialog’s employees. They will continue to be employed by Dialog in future. The parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price or details of the acquisition. 

Foundation laid for Swiss Post’s future role
The acquisition of Dialog enables Swiss Post to gain vital expertise in the field of digital services for authorities, instead of having to build up this knowledge itself over a number of years. This is part of its new Swiss Post of tomorrow strategy. Swiss Post is making targeted investments and achieving growth in individual areas − specifically, in areas that will enable future customer requirements to be met. “Dialog Verwaltungs-Data AG’s software and IT solutions strengthen Swiss Post’s portfolio of digital services,” says Nicole Burth, Member of Executive Management and Head of the Communication Services unit. “Dialog’s specialist knowledge will allow us to make everyday work at municipalities and authorities much easier and more secure.” 

In the field of digital services for authorities, Swiss Post already has proven products, such as debt collection register and criminal records extracts. With solutions such as ePostApp, IncaMail, the digital identity and signature and e-voting, the company is in the process of establishing even more. “We aim to more firmly establish ourselves as a dependable partner for authorities,” explains Nicole Burth. The acquisition of Dialog lays the foundation for this goal, in line with Swiss Post’s future role: “We aim to act as a trustworthy, independent intermediary between the physical and digital worlds – particularly when it comes to the growing field of digital communication between authorities and citizens,” says Nicole Burth. 

Open and interconnected ecosystem for authorities
Over the long term, Swiss Post – in collaboration with Dialog Verwaltungs-Data AG – is planning to set up an ecosystem for authorities. This ecosystem will not be a closed Swiss Post environment, but open and interconnected. Digital services for authorities operated by potential partners will be just as integrated within the ecosystem as Swiss Post’s own products and solutions. Customers can decide which services they wish to purchase. Most importantly of all: “Access must be simple and secure,” says Nicole Burth. “This will enable us to simplify everyday life for authorities, companies and citizens.” 

Source: Swiss Post