Posti continues to implement its growth strategy and plans to invest more than EUR 100 million in a new logistics center in Finland. A decision on the possible construction of the center will be taken in 2022-2023, once the planning is sufficiently advanced. If realized, the new logistics center would start operations in the second half of this decade at the earliest.

“We anticipate the e-commerce market in Finland to double by the end of this decade. In order to contribute to and support the growth of the e-commerce market, we plan to invest more than EUR 100 million in a new logistics center in Finland. The investment is significant and fully in line with our strategy, as it will strengthen our ability to deliver efficient, fast and optimized services according to our customers' needs, taking into account the entire value chain of e-commerce logistics”, says Turkka Kuusisto, CEO of Posti Group.

Posti will become a modern and increasingly profitable delivery and fulfillment company, with parcels and material flows at the core of its growth. Posti's current sorting centers will support the growth of e-commerce to come, but there is a clear need for additional capacity and next-generation technologies.

During the preparatory phase of the project, various options for increasing parcel sorting operations and the capacity for supporting them in Finland have been explored. These surveys have taken into account the growth prospects of the e-commerce market and, above all, the change in consumer behavior as online shopping becomes more and more popular. In addition, the surveys show that e-commerce is increasingly concentrated in growth centers where population growth is also projected to be strongest.

In the next phase of the project, municipalities and cities interested in the construction project in Southern Finland will be mapped. The location of the possible construction site depends, first and foremost, on its central location in terms of the availability of personnel and commuting options as well as logistics solutions, the availability of land, price and how well Posti's sustainable development goals can be achieved there. For example, taking energy efficiency into account is at the heart of the planning process.

Posti has already announced investments of more than EUR 100 million in to develop parcel and e-commerce competencies and to strengthen its delivery network. In addition, EUR 37 million will be invested in a new warehouse under construction by logistics company Transval. The warehouse will be completed during 2022 in Sipoo.

Source: Posti