We plan to invest more than EUR 100 million in a new logistics center in Southern Finland. As part of the planning phase, we will continue our negotiations and further investigations regarding the location of our logistics center with Akaa, Hämeenlinna and Janakkala.

We will make an investment decision on the possible implementation of the logistics center by 2023 at the earliest, once the planning is further along. At the earliest, the new logistics center would start its operations in the second half of this decade. 

So far, we have mapped out municipalities and cities interested in the construction project in Southern Finland.

“We revealed right at the beginning of the project that we were looking at Southern Finland to find a location for our new logistics center. We received several plot offers from different parts of Finland, and we are grateful for all these offers. At this point, we will continue our negotiations and further investigations with Akaa, Hämeenlinna and Janakkala. Finding the most suitable location for the logistics center is absolutely essential for us, which is why we don’t want to rush the process. We are now examining these options in greater depth. The project is still in the planning stages, and any investment decisions will be made next year at the earliest,” says Jari Perälä, who manages the project.

Towards a sustainable future

The location of the possible construction site depends, first and foremost, on its central location, the suitability of the area and how well Posti's sustainable development goals can be achieved there. For example, taking energy efficiency into account is at the heart of the planning process.

“We want to find a solution that will be sustainable for decades to come from the perspective of both the personnel and the environment. The investment in line with our strategy would support e-commerce growth, which is a market anticipated to double in size in Finland by the end of this decade. The new logistics center would strengthen our ability to deliver efficient, fast and optimized services according to our customers' needs, taking into account the entire value chain of e-commerce logistics,” says Perälä.

Source: Posti