Swiss Post provides all-inclusive logistics services for companies such as online retailers, including storage, customs clearance, delivery and handling returns – often internationally. It means Swiss Post, with its vehicles and storage facilities, needs to be close to its customers. It has strengthened this network in Germany by acquiring two transport specialists at the beginning of the year. Since 1 January 2023, the transport company Gaiser, based on the German-Swiss border with 61 staff, has been part of Swiss Post, as has the freight forwarder Spedition Nolden, which has 50 staff and is based in Kerpen-Türnich near Cologne. Swiss Post is integrating both companies into its existing German subsidiary, Bächle Logistics, in Villingen-Schwenningen.

From tool manufacturers to online shops, Swiss Post provides comprehensive logistics services for all kinds of companies. It stores their products, handles customs clearance, delivers them to customers and even provides installation services. Whether it’s drills, winter coats or furniture, a growing number of companies expect Swiss Post to provide one-stop, all-inclusive logistics solutions, including internationally. By making targeted acquisitions, Swiss Post is securing resources, such as storage facilities, vehicles and skilled staff, to meet these requirements. On 1 January 2023, it acquired the forwarding company Gaiser GmbH, based in Rielasingen-Worblingen, including its Swiss subsidiary based in Ramsen in the Canton of Schaffhausen. Founded in 1964, the company focuses on providing cross-border transport services between Germany and Switzerland. Swiss Post also acquired Spedition Nolden, based in Kerpen-Türnich near Cologne, on 1 January. Founded in 1890, the company provides transport services throughout Europe with its fleet of around 60 vehicles. By strengthening its portfolio, Swiss Post will be able to provide Swiss companies with even more comprehensive logistics solutions.

“Companies can focus on their core business”
The transport company Gaiser is located directly on the Swiss-German border, and specializes in customs clearance. The freight forwarder Spedition Nolden from North Rhine-Westphalia on the axis between Switzerland and the North Sea ports has an extensive logistics network throughout Europe. Johannes Cramer, Head of Logistics Services and Member of Executive Management at Swiss Post, is sure that the companies will be a very good fit for Swiss Post’s portfolio: “Germany is the most important trading partner for many Swiss companies of all sizes. They’re reliant on seamless supply chains to help them to ship products to customers quickly and easily. It’s precisely these supply chains that we’re strengthening by acquiring the two forwarding businesses. This will, in turn, allow companies to focus on their core business. And Swiss Post will ensure the goods are transported from A to B on time.”

Integration into Bächle Logistics GmbH
The forwarding company Gaiser has 58 staff in Rielasingen, Baden-Württemberg, and 3 employees at its neighbouring Ramsen site in Switzerland. Spedition Nolden, based in Kerpen-Türnich, has 50 staff. Swiss Post will integrate the German part of Gaiser, and Spedition Nolden into the transport company Bächle Logistics GmbH based in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany. Bächle Logistics has been under Swiss Post’s ownership since 2018. Vis-à-vis their customers, the companies Gaiser and Nolden will remain unchanged. Staff employment relationships will also be maintained after the transfer to Bächle Logistics. The parties involved have agreed to maintain confidentiality over the details of the planned acquisitions.

Source: Swiss Post