Omniva and Asendia, a joint enterprise of the national postal service companies of France (La Poste) and Switzerland (Swiss Post), concluded a strategic partnership agreement to help online retailers expand their sales on established and emerging markets.

Through the partnership with Asendia, Omniva is going to be able to provide access to global online stores and their extensive selection. Consumers benefit directly from this cooperation – goods will be delivered faster and more conveniently to customers in Baltic countries. The new partnership between the two companies means that Omniva will be responsible for delivering customers’ shipments in 20 countries, not just the three Baltic states. With its wide network, logistic capabilities, strong ties in various regions, and wealth of experience in e-commerce, Omniva connects Asendia with Central Asia and Caucasia in addition to the Baltic countries, Finland, and Eastern Europe.
‘This cooperation is a clear sign of trust for Omniva’s brand and our international solutions. The cooperation between Omniva and Asendia is an excellent opportunity because we both want to provide exceptional services to the B2C market and can see opportunities that this part of the world offers to online retailers in other countries. If we combine forces, we can cover the fastest growing as well as developing markets and provide a smooth service to customers,’ stated Mart Mägi, the Chairman of the Omniva Management Board.
When commenting on the partnership, Marc Pontet, the CEO of Asendia said: ‘Our partnership with Omniva demonstrates our commitment to our customers and willingness to continue developing solutions in all corners of the world where online shopping is growing in popularity.’
In the context of market potential, this partnership enables Asendia to provide online retailers access to the global market that has 294 million potential online shoppers in 30 countries. According to Statista Digital Market Outlook assessments, the revenue from e-commerce should increase in the nine countries in Central Asia and Caucasia in the next few years, reaching 15 billion US dollars by 2025. This means that these countries are attractive to international retailers and marketplaces. Asendia enables online retailers of 17 countries to access this solution because these important markets have operational and sales presence on four continents.

Both companies are eager and ready to launch services under this partnership as soon as possible, and according to current plans, it is going to take place in the second quarter of 2023.  

Source: Omniva