Posti Group Oyj is planning to build a new warehouse in Järvenpää for Transval. The matter is unfinished, and no decision has yet been taken, for example, concerning the construction of the possible warehouse. More information will be provided as the project progresses and decisions are made.

Transval, part of Posti Group, is the market leader in outsourcing logistics in Finland and the largest in-house logistics company in the Nordics. Transval's newest warehouse building of 30 000 square meters and 400 000 cubic meters was completed in Sipoo in 2022.

Posti has also previously announced another major project, a new logistics centre. It would start operations in the second half of this decade at the earliest. A decision on its location is still pending, but negotiations and further studies have continued with Akaa, Hämeenlinna and Janakkala. The new logistics center, if completed, would support the growth of e-commerce, and strengthen Posti's ability to deliver efficient, fast and customer centered services taking into account the entire e-commerce logistics value chain.

Source: Posti