On 3 July, Swiss Post will acquire a majority holding in the Aarau-based company terreActive Ltd. This step will help Swiss Post boost its competencies in security and the protection of its services and data. terreActive Ltd is a cybersecurity specialist and employs 90 staff. Together with terreActive, Swiss Post is able to provide companies and authorities with a comprehensive range of secure cybersecurity solutions and protect digital, confidential information and data more effectively.

Swiss Post’s services have been making everyday life easier for Swiss people for almost 175 years. Day-to-day activities are now increasingly carried out online. Swiss Post is adapting to this trend, enabling people, companies and authorities to handle digital data easily and securely. And it also supports companies in their digital transformation. To do so, Swiss Post is continually enhancing its IT competencies and investing in the security and confidentiality of information and data. The company is acquiring an 80 percent shareholding in the cybersecurity firm terreActive Ltd, based in Aarau. This step will give Swiss Post vital expertise to offer companies and authorities an even more effective and comprehensive range of secure cybersecurity solutions. In turn, the company is strengthening its role as a trustworthy carrier of sensitive customer and corporate information. “In view of the growing number of cyber attacks and threats, we’re continuing to invest in digital security. It takes top priority – for our customers, but also for our own products. In the digital age, we want to ensure that messages can only actually be viewed by the recipients that have been clearly defined by the sender,” explains Nicole Burth, Head of Communication Services at Swiss Post. Cybersecurity is a key element of the services that Swiss Post provides in the digital world.

The acquisition complements Swiss Post’s cybersecurity solutions in German-speaking Switzerland

 Founded in 1996, the cybersecurity specialist TerreActive, based in Aarau, employs 90 staff. The company provides a wide range of solutions that protect its customers from cyber threats. It has a state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC), which identifies and combats cyber attacks around the clock. “Swiss Post is a strong partner that optimally supports our growth strategy. We firmly believe that together we can improve our positioning for customers, while providing our staff with an even more attractive working environment,” says Marc-Yves Bächli, founder of terreActive. The majority holding in terreActive Ltd follows the takeover of Hacknowledge and complements Swiss Post’s cybersecurity solutions in German-speaking Switzerland. The company will continue to operate independently. For the 90 staff, the acquisition will not entail any changes. They will continue to be employed by terreActive Ltd in future. Both parties have agreed that the purchase price will remain confidential.

Source: Swiss Post