Twelve teams from IPC member posts from around Europe will take place in the 6th edition of the IPC Drivers’ Challenge. The two-day event starts on Tuesday 17 March 2020, with briefings, vehicle familiarisation, agility training preparation, understanding measurements & scoring and extended practice on the track. The actual challenge will take place on Wednesday 18 March, followed by a prize ceremony and dinner in the evening.

The core concept of the Drivers’ Challenge is an international competition focusing primarily on driving in the most ecological and energy-efficient manner (both with traditional combustion engines and electric vehicles). However, other important criteria for our sector will also be measured – such as (but not limited to) speed management, road safety, customer service quality. As in previous years, a series of car handling exercises, a theoretical test and some challenging deliveries will complete the programme. After the successful trial with electric vehicles in Portugal in 2018, the share of electric vehicles in the competition will increase even further in 2020.

Participating postal teams are composed of an experienced driver and a senior manager. Competing postal operators can showcase not only their best drivers, but also their senior management’s commitment to sustainability. Driving duties and challenges will be split equally between both members of each competing team. 

The Drivers Challenge aims at raising awareness of the tremendous role postal employees can play, by applying eco-driving tips, in helping posts save fuel and hence, reduce carbon emissions. It also allows for postal employees to exchange best practices and experience with their counterparts from other posts.

Setup of the various challenges of the competition:

Eco-driving: Manager starts and drives a number of laps on the track before a swap between driver and manager is done. Speed limits are set to be respected and the objective is to drive as fuel-efficient as possible. 
Agility test: a number of car handling exercises (parking, slalom, etc).
Driver daily check: postal delivery vans are parked in one of the garages, the participants need to perform some basic checks (lights, fluids, belts, tyres, etc).
Postal Delivery and Customer Service: A delivery route with various stops and deliveries will be designed to judge participants’ delivery/customer service skills.
Electric driving: will be integrated throughout the event, in both delivery and agility components.

Find out more about the IPC Drivers' Challenge here