For the 6-year tranche, France accounted for 38% of allocations, Germany/Austria 25%, Benelux 11%, Southern Europe 8%, Switzerland 6%, UK/Ireland 6% and other countries 6%.

For the Long 10-year tranche, France accounted for 44% of allocations, Germany/Austria 35%, the UK/Ireland 10%, Asia 6%, Benelux 2%, Switzerland 2% and other countries 1%. La Poste thus increased its investor base, particularly SRI investors, and comforted its position in the bond market.  This issuance is part of La Poste's social commitment. The group has always accompanied changes in society to enable everyone, everywhere and every day, to benefit from social progress and technological innovation. Its purpose (“raison d'être”), validated at the beginning of 2021, explains the fundamental meaning of its action: "Serving all, useful to everyone, La Poste, a proximity company with local anchorage, develops exchanges and forges essential links by contributing to the common good of society as a whole". In the same year, La Poste adopted the status of a mission-driven company (“société à mission”). The funds raised through this operation will be used to finance or refinance assets and projects relating to the four social and environmental objectives now enshrined in La Poste's articles of association:

- Contribute to the development and cohesion of local areas,

- Improve social inclusion,

- Promote ethical, inclusive and frugal digital technology,

- Work to accelerate the ecological transition for all. 

Source: La Groupe Le Poste