Letters and parcels for private households are delivered in a carbon-neutral manner in the postcode area 1000 Brussels: on foot or using the 61 electric vehicles and 14 electric bike trailers.

bpost optimises its last-mile approach for deliveries.  Almost all letters and parcels are now delivered without emissions in the postcode area 1000 Brussels, which extends from the morning market in the north to Bois de la Cambre in the south of the city. Mail is delivered on regular rounds within that zone on foot or using electric vehicles and electric bike trailers.  

As well as improving air quality through a drastic reduction in carbon and fine particulate matter emissions, this green fleet also helps cut urban congestion. Deliveries to pick-up points close to customers are preferred to minimize journeys that end in an unsuccessful delivery.   

A hybrid network of 31 pick-up points has been selected based on strategic location and accessibility criteria. Citizens never have to go more than 500 metres to pick up a parcel, which they can do as part of their commute or when they do their shopping.   

Towards the green last mile in the 19 municipalities 

This project is driven by a bigger ambition in Brussels. In close partnership with VUB-MOBI, bpost has launched a project to transform the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region (BCR) into one large Ecozone in which all deliveries will be made emission-free by 2025. 

bpost’s aim is to show that a carbon-neutral logistics system can be set up in the BCR by drawing on a combination of different logistics solutions (electric vehicles and e-bikes, a dense pick-up point network) and urban micro-hubs.   

A recognised concept, sustainable ambitions 

bpost’s ambition is to establish zero-emission deliveries in 25 Belgian cities by 2025, by adopting electric vehicles, electric bike trailers and a dense network of pick-up points (post offices, post points, parcel points) and parcel lockers. The current Ecozones are Mechelen, Leuven, Namur, Mons and Louvain-la-Neuve. We are setting the right example in sustainable urban logistics. In Mechelen we have cut carbon emissions in connection with home deliveries and deliveries to pick-up points by 97%.  

The Ecozone concept recently won three prizes – the Logistics Award, the Innovation Award and the Jury Prize – at the BeCommerce Awards VZW 2022.  

1000 Brussels – Key delivery figures 
Number of electric vehicles:  61 
Number of electric bike trailers: 14 
Number of rounds:  75 
Number of delivery staff:  110 
A network of 31 pick-up points in 1000 Brussels 

7 parcel locker locations  
20 post points and parcel points  
4 post offices  
All told, then, a pick-up point no more than 500 metres from 90% of all users in 1000 Brussels. 

Source: bpost